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Request for Proposals - Details

Construction Contractor

RFP No. 01

Date: 1/8/22

1. Scope of Services and Condensed Statement of Work
The Contractor will complete all required construction, renovation and installations for the VIHCF’s Dialysis Clinic Project in accordance with the permitted drawings and specifications. Contractor must schedule and execute the work to allow for full operation of the dialysis clinic during the early half of 2022.

A. Construction Preparation and Coordination:The contractor will provide a fully loaded project schedule using the critical path method for approval by VIHCF at least one week prior to the start of construction. This contractor must provide leveled schedule updates to the approved project schedule every two weeks during the course of construction. Product and material submittals will be required from the contractor, for approval by VIHCF, on all contractor supplied material. Contractor must prepare and maintain an active submittal log during the course of construction. Contractor shall prepare and submit for approval any and all shop drawings as may by required. The contractor will maintain a working set as-built drawings which are to be updated on a weekly basis. Final as-built drawings will be submitted to VIHCF as one hard copy set and one set in a DWG electronic format. The contractor will provide a full-time project superintendent, who is to be dedicated to this project and who is experienced in interior build outs and project supervision, layout and record keeping with the full authority to make project related decisions on the contractor’s behalf. The contractor must conduct:

  • Weekly Owner Project Meetings with VIHCF and will generate, maintain and distribute meeting minutes and no later than one day after the meeting.
  • Weekly Subcontractor Project Meetings with contractor’s subcontractors and critical material suppliers with meeting minutes.
  • Weekly Crew Tool Box Safety Meetings will be conducted by contractor in compliance with OSHA regulations or more frequently as maybe required.

Contractor to provide proof of general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence minimum and will be required to issue two additionally insured certificates to VIHCF. The contractor will provide and pay for a 20 cubic yard dumpster bin on site during construction. The contractor will provide an OSHA approved contractor’s Accident Prevention and Safety program with project specific safety protocols and policies. The contractor will provide VIHCF an executed copy of all trailing lien waivers from all subcontractors and material suppliers for every progress payment as a prerequisite to receiving the following payment. Contractor will schedule all DPNR progress building permit inspections in accordance with DPNR regulations. VIHCF will provide contractor with a hazardous materials test report for the existing project space. The initial construction work will include but not limited to: installation of temporary light fixtures as needed. The correct posting of all construction permits and all other job notices required by law. The contractor will conduct a punch list meeting and generate a project punch list within 3 days of substantial completion of the project. During the project close out the contractor will properly commission all new equipment and systems at substantial completion. Training will be schedule and provided to VIHCF for all contractor installed systems and equipment no later than three days after substantial completion. Substantial completion will not be granted to the contractor, by VIHCF, in the absence of a “Certificate of Occupancy” issued DPNR and VI Fire which is the contractor’s responsibility to apply for and acquire.

B. Demolition Phase
The Contractor will complete renovation within thirty (30) calendar days of the effective date of this Contract. The Contractor will remove all debris from property, remove and store all furnishings and equipment.Daily site cleaning will be required during the course of construction. “Selectively” demolish walls, grid ceilings, floor finfishes, doors, light fixtures, electrical and electrical equipment, devices and Cat 5 infrastructure as prescribed in drawings. Contractor must take special care to preserve and protect all existing construction that is scheduled to remain in use. Contractor will temporarily support and protect all HVAC, duct work AC electrical circuits and air handling units. The contractor will “selectively” demolish all floor finishes and saw cut slabs for plumbing as required in the drawings.All doors will be removed as required. The contractor will be responsible for the “selective” removal of electrical and electrical devices and all low voltage and communications as directed in the drawings. The Contractor will prepare existing floor surfaces for new flooring. Contractor will be expected to work and coordinate with VIHCF during this phase to accommodate additional project design or work requirements.

C. Installation

Within 2 months of beginning “demolition” phase of project, the Contractor will begin the Installation phase of the Dialysis Clinic. This includes but not limited to: the framing of new stud wall, installing new sheet rock and new doors and frames, etc. The Contractor will rough in new electrical, low voltage, new plumbing, new fire and security alarms systems, nurse call station and room annunciator systems and the in-room access control system as required in the drawings. The water treatment room will be roughed as well as the installation of electrical and plumbing chases.New columns will be installed as required. Walls will be framed to roof deck where required. In the final stage, the Contractor will finish new sheet rock walls, prime new sheet rock walls, cap new utility banks with concrete to match existing.Installation of electrical panels and equipment, electrical devices, VCT flooring, epoxy flooring, temporary floor protection on all new floors during construction. The millwork & counter tops will be installed including T-boxes, plumbing fixtures, water treatment equipment, new electrical duct bank for generator, concrete slab for generator, and final installation of generator. With Annunciator system. All new doors will be installed with new grid ceiling new light fixtures. Walls will be painted with installation of room access control system and test. The nurse call system will be installed and tested. All fire and security systems will be installed and tested including video surveillance system. Fire extinguishers and electric exit signs will be installed. The mini split AC's in room including all permanent facility signage and door hardware. Contractor to commission and provide training on all new system and equipment. Contractor to acquire CO.

2. Proposal Format and Evaluation

Contractor will structure its proposal in the following format:

  1. Technical Approach to Executing the Project
  2. Proposed Project Schedule
  3. Past Healthcare or Related Project Experience
  4. Total Project Cost & Cost Break Down
    1. Demolition
    2. Construction & Installations
    3. Total

Evaluation of Proposals:

VIHCF will only evaluate complete proposal submissions broken down into the afore stated format that it receives from qualified contractors which materially meet the requirements of this RFP within the time set forth.

Each proposal will be evaluated by VIHCF. VIHCF proposal evaluation committee will grant a maximum to 100 points to each complete and responsible proposal it receives with maximum points per proposal category as follows:

  1. Technical Approach to Executing the Project – (15 points)
  2. Proposed Project Schedule – (15 points)
  3. Past Healthcare Project Experience – (20 points)
  4. Total Project Cost & Cost Break Down – (50 points)

VIHCF will determine the best proposal by the proposal that receives the most total points from the VIHCF evaluation committee for the categories stated.

Proposal Submission and Clarification Details

Address proposals to:

Virgin Islands Healthcare Foundation

Attention: Paula Graeber

Address: 4094 Diamond Ruby (Sunny Isle Annex), Suite 4AX

Christiansted, VI 00820

  1. Submit (3) copies of proposal in a sealed envelope to above address.
  2. Submit sealed proposals to delivery address no later than January 21 at 2:00PM AST.

Project drawings can be requested via email at pgraeber@vihcf.org in electronic PDF format only.

Submit any question in writing regarding this proposal or the drawings and specifications via email to pgraeber@vihcf.org no later than January 14th at 2PM which is the deadline for questions and clarifications for this RFP.

A pre-bid site visit will be conducted on January 12th, at 11AM. The location is 4094 Diamond Ruby (Sunny Isle Annex), Suite 4AX Christiansted, VI 00820. This is located next to the Social Security Office and across the parking lot from WAPA.

Printable RFPQ and A from Bid Site-visit 1/12/22